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Calling all filmmakers!

The 4th annual EKADESHMA International Short Film Festival is scheduled to be held from 11-13 November 2016, in Kathmandu, Nepal. The festival is now calling for entries, and filmmakers around the world are encouraged to submit shorts with runtime of 30 mins or less, (fiction, documentaries, experimental and animation) films. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: October 15, 2016 (Not a Postmark Date)

  • Read through the festival regulations (www.ekadeshma.org) for information regarding the presentation of a film at the festival.
  • Films are screened at the festival in competitive and non-competitive section.
  • Complete the Entry Form (www.ekadeshma.org)
  • Send us a Preview Copy: Online Link (Preferred) to your work via secure Vimeo / YouTube or any other media platform you may prefer. Or DVD, if you prefer at:
  • EKADESHMA 2016
  • Tel: 977-9851215269
  • PO BOX 25807
  • 1 Thapathali, Kathmandu www.ekadeshma.org
  • State “NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL PURPOSES ONLY “on the envelope or package.
  • If your film is in a language other than Nepali or English, the screener must be provided with English subtitle.
  • Accepted films will be eligible for category-specific Audience Awards and Jury Awards. Filmmakers will be notified of their acceptance status by October 20. If you have any questions, contact us by email at: ekadeshma2016@gmail.com, ekadeshma@mos.com.np

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    EKADESHMA 2014

    The storyteller sits at the edge of the circle, the flames from the fire leaping, playing shadow games on his face. His listeners sit patiently, politely attentive, The storyteller can feel the tension, all eyes on him, waiting for him to begin, waiting for the first few words that will start them all on a journey together. The moment arrives, the moment when the story must commence. The storyteller picks his words and his tone carefully. “Once upon a time…”

    Nepal's pioneering short film festival EKADESHMA is back in its third year. This September 19-21, experience 70 compelling and distinctive contemporary short films from around the globe, from student filmmakers to established directors, from children's stories to stories about social issues, and from Cambodia to USA.

    Let us come together to create ripples with the 3rd edition of EKADESHMA, to explore fresh narratives, experience the world of short stories on big screen and to foster a new and energetic generation of filmmakers.

    सुन्नेलाई सुनको माला, भन्नेलाई फुलको माला यो कथा बैकुण्ठ जाला, यो कथा बैकुण्ठ जाला


    Narratives have a transformative influence upon their audience. Since the dawn of the human mind, storytelling has occupied an indispensable position in creating, storing and transmitting the collective and cumulative essence of the human experience. Stories have lead the transformation of societies, led the re-invigoration of ideas and peoples, and swept over all of humanity with tremendous moral and aesthetic force, forever changing our knowledge of ourselves. Over the past century, cinema has played a pivotal role in making the contemporary stories of different people and societies comprehensible to the rest. Filmmakers, with their innovation in the craft and art of storytelling, have made ripples in history.


    • Tamaash

      KAFAL PAKYO World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 15 min

      The film is set in the countryside of Nepal during the civil war period, where most men were either abroad or displaced because of the war. A countryside where orient cuckoo bird (known locally as Kafal Pakyo ) tweets continuously. Sushmadevi, a mother of two sons whose husband is abroad, directs her sons to take their cow for fertilization. As the boys bring back the cow, worshipped as a mother and giver, they are faced with a new realization.


    • Tamaash

      TAMAASH Nepal Premiere

      2014 | INDIA | 30 mins

      Anzar faces scorn from his elders for his poor performance in school and is constantly compared to the other school-kids. Forcefully and unreasonably expected to outscore the high-achieving Sadat in the next exam, he seeks the help of a mysterious stranger. But following his advice may have serious and unintended consequences for Anzar and his kid brother.


    • Tamaash

      WRAPPED Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 04:06 mins

      The deterioration of one is the foundation of another one's life.The world with it`s never-ending interplay of eating and being eaten, takes on new dimensions when the unexpected forces of nature clash with the existing structures of our society. What was believed to be forever, melts away in the course of time. The only constant is change.



    This is focused on identifying and searching for formats with strong in depth imaginative short narratives.

    • 1. Chokhaunee Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 19'29"

      Chokhaunee is a tale of Indigenous Woman Kumli, who is deprived of compassion and care from her husband, leading her to infidelity. She is punished in the name of custom while husband's negligence is ignored.
      Movie is based on 'Chokhaunee', a realistic story by Madan Puraskar winner Mahesh Bikaram Shah.

      Kamal Bhatta

      Dir. Kamal Bhatta

    • dambare

      2. The Contagious Apparitions of Dambarey Dendrite
      World Premiere

      2013 | Nepali | 18' 03"

      Dambarey is a street kid, who in a dendrite induced trance turns invincible to outfox Kathmandu with his gang of five. Little does he know that his altered mind is playing wicked tricks to lead him and his friends to a place of no return

      Bibhusan Basnet
      Pooja Gurung

    • 3. Pratibimba World Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 27'26"

      Pratibimba is a beautiful tale of hope, love and relationships based on the city Kathmandu.

      Ashok Yadav

    • 4. Maanashi World Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 18'20"

      A boy who lost his senses after an accident while doing his favorite thing in this whole world (flying kites) meets a girl who's also mentally challenged. They shortly start enjoying each other's company. One day the girl gets harassed and dies, on the funeral boy arrives to find her dead. The boy is now well dressed and flying a kite with the same girl, she saves him from falling on his back and they fly it together in his imagination.

      Kiran Pokharel

    • 5. Sahasi Chori Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 20'

      A 13-year-old Nepali girl leaves her Himalayan village with her brother's friend to find employment in the city. But Krishna, who promised her family he'd watch out for her, takes Bhumika across the border to India, where he intends to use her as currency in a devil's bargain. At a life-changing crossroads, Bhumika is forced to choose what she's willing to sacrifice for the good of both her family, and his.

      Erin Galey

    • 6. Shuffle World Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 10'

      A Jumleli boy chances upon an ipod that belongs to some tourist and explores his surroundings in west region of Nepal shuffling to the sound of western music.

      Shirish Gurung

    • 7. Punte ko Pangro World Premiere

      2013 | Nepal | 15'

      Punte koPangro is story of a playful kid Punte, from the suburban area of Kathmandu valley which shows the ego of a young boy, his aspiration and ultimate realization of one's potentiality.

      Sachin Ghimire

    • 8. Baghdad Messi Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Belgium, UAE | 16'30"

      Iraq, 2009. Little Hamoudi (10) is totally obsessed with football. Just as the rest of the world, he and his friends are eagerly looking forward to the Champions League finale FC Barcelona-Manchester United. The long awaited clash between Messi and Ronaldo.

      Sahim Omar Kalifa

    • 9. Night Shift Nepal Premiere

      2012 | NewZerland | 14'30''

      Salote, an airport cleaner starts another long night shift. She keeps her head down, does her job and gleans her survival from what others leave behind. No one would usually spare her a second glance.


      Zia Mandviwalla

    • 10. Land of Heroes Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Belgium, UAE | 18'45"

      1988, the conflict between Iraq and Iran is reaching its final stage. The ten-year-old Dileer and his sister Zienee want to watch cartoons on television, but that is easier said than done when bully Malo comes along...

      Sahim Omar Kalifa

    • 11. Lucia is not Home Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Spain | 19'15"

      Luisa's washing machine has stopped working. After the initial misfortune this will represent, it will actually become her perfect alibi to slip away from her slow daily routine.

      Celia Rico Clavellino

    • 12. Chhora Nepal Premiere

      2013 | Nepal/France | 25'30''

      You were about three years old when I went to prision. Ever since, I've been watching you grow.

      By taking part in your grandpa's cremation you respected your duty as a Man.

      As a father, I still have things to transmit to you. Now I strongly wish you to be able one day to read this diary on your own.


      Subarna Thapa


    This is focused on identifying and searching for formats with strong in depth imaginative short narratives.

    • DATTAK World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 15 min

      A Small Kid (7 yrs) goes to jail with is father, who've lost everybody in the war between Maoist and Police just come in frontline. The wife of Inspector takes care of the Kid. She is trying hard to love the Child, Whether there be the influence in the Child Psyche. Could the sincere affection of the Child alleviate his Mother's suffering of the Childlessness? So finally the Inspector adopts the same Kid. Dattak is the dream of hope and desires of giving a birth of a Child, which get fulfilled by the process of Adoption.


    • GAANTHO World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 10 mins

      Ramakanta and Tulasi are on their way to buy something for Dashain, a festival approaching right before their eyes. Upon their seven and half hours of togetherness, they unfold their past and present. The life on the metropolis, the changing facets of time and their own disagreements are revealed. They fight over about every topic. They blame their age, they blame their circumstances. Most of the time, they look mismatched. But there lay the bond, the love which united them once. Differed by caste, differed by desires, but when one is hurt, the love takes over.


    • HALKAARA World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 13 min

      Halkara is the story of a man named Gyanbhadur. He works in a government postal services. In this modern technological period people have stopped using mailing services so the government of Nepal decides to stop providing postal services to the people. Harishyam the work colleagues of Gyanbha butdur will be losing his job and Gyanbhadur himself will be transferred to parcel services. Gyanbhadurs son Akil is unhappy for his father’s decision of accepting the transfer at his old age. Eventually, they all for accept their forth coming and the story ends.


    • KRANTI JAARI CHHA World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 11:30 mins

      Hari Subedi, also known as comrade Azad, a former Maoist cadre from Rolpa (280 kms away from Kathmandu in the mid - western Nepal), who had served the Maoist party immensely during the insurgency period, is now living a difficult life along with his wife and father. He was injured during the insurgency while trying to save his beloved leader (comrade Ashok) from the Nepalese army. He was promised a lot of things then. However now, that the Maoist party is in the government and also the biggest political party in Nepal, a lot has changed. Besides his discontentment about the party not supporting him and his family as promised, he is also not satisfied with the direction his party has taken after coming into power. He travels to Kathmandu to meet his leader comrade Ashok. He plans to discuss the future of the party. Comrade Ashok is now a Minister and also a politburo member. The movie reveals the treatment Hari receives from his beloved leader comrade Ashok.


    • KYAR KYAR PANKHA World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 12:36 mins

      A mechanic Sampat living with his family in the metropolitan city, is in his hard days, brings a fan in his room to repair it. His daughter Sangeeta, the sole happiness of him for whom he couldn’t fulfill her boundless dreams, starts to find happiness through the fan for a short period of time.

      PASANG DAWA SHERPA ( hyolmo )

    • LET ME KNOW World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 22 mins

      Arun, a local boy of Kathmandu is struggling in his local problems. His disappointed father does not treat him as his loving son. Anjali, Arun’s co-worker and his love interest is nice to him, but her cocky boyfriend Prakash always dominates and makes fun of Arun and never let Arun and Anjali be together. Kale and Lure two bullies around Arun’s home always give him a hard time.

      Arun is fed up of his local life’s local problems. He receives a larger than life gift from his brother from Australia which turns Arun’s life a whole way around, and teaches him a life long lesson.


    • MAANIS HARAYEKO SUCHANA (Extended Version) World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 5 min

      We all are familiar that the digital socialization has changed the way of communication and interact with one another into a next level. No doubt there is a huge advantage of this change. However, it has some disadvantages as well. "MAANISH HARAYEKO SUCHANA" portrays the story of its disadvantages.

      People around the city are busy capturing the different events with their recording devices. Ashmita is searching for something. One evening she finds a man being rejected while wishing to get overnight stay. At last it is revealed that she is searching a missing person.


    • MAACHA KO SAPANA World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 20:45 mins

      They came. They saw. They left. City never knew.


    • TARA World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 10:00 mins

      It is a story of a boy in slum of a Kathmandu. He is fascinated towards a married women tara , his neighbor and the sister of his friend. He is in his adolescence. His growing desires indicate something. But destiny has its own mark. As a whole it is a story about slum, a boy and what happens around him.


    • WHAT THE PYAZZZ World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 11:16 mins

      Bibek's absurd and dramatic adventure to purchase onion for snacks.


    • 02:43 Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SPAIN | 9:40 mins

      2:43 a.m. An empty room. An unexpected calling.


    • 24 / 7 Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 14:56 mins

      Two people living in a state of bored love, a married couple in short, invite an unknown couple to their house. First it's time for coffee, then let's see... In the end the boredom is gone - but at times it’s better not knowing everything about your partner.


    • AS HE SLEEPS Nepal Premiere

      2014 | PHILIPPINES | 14:48 mins

      In sickness and in health, should marriage really be an unconditional partnership that should never be broken? Christina, in her 30’s, is married to Hector, a husband who’s paralyzed and therefore physically incompetent to consummate their marriage. She wants to liberate herself from a sexless union. Her needs as a woman are unfulfilled. But her love for Hector, and her commitment to him coupled with the dictates of her faith and marital vows, and her sympathy and care for her husband keeps her in “cage of marriage,” where she suffers in melancholic solitude, yet contemplates on freedom and rediscovering her true worth.


    • AT THE DOOR Nepal Premiere

      2013 | GERMANY | 5:00 mins

      A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. But this Saturday, it takes a little longer. Their son wants to finish watching a TV show. And so it happens that the separated couple starts to talk again – via the intercom. Suddenly the former intimacy is back, the conversation almost turns into a flirt...


    • AT THE HORIZON Nepal Premiere

      2014 | MYANMAR | 5 mins

      This film represents elderly people who are excluded from the society. Now a day, we put so much hope on the upcoming generations but not to the senior citizens. We do even forget to take care and listen to the senior while we are focusing on the new generation.

      In this film, the old lady is hoping somebody coming to her as she believes that she is still a part of the society. However, no one cares about her and listen to her feeling, and she could not share her experiences.

      Finally the faith is the only one thing that she can count on and express what is inside of her mind.


    • BAHAR IN WONDERLAND Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 16:00 mins

      Where do you hide from danger, when you can hide anywhere? The kurdish girl Bahar believes she has found a way. "Bahar in Wonderland“ is the story of Bahar, a little girl, who given the circumstances she is in, is not able to be a child. She is escaping with her father from Syria to Germany. In order to fight her fears and defend herself from danger she believes in being able to get invisible by closing her eyes.


    • BALCONY Nepal Premiere

      2013 | KOSOVO | 20:00 mins

      Jeton, a 10-year-old boy is sitting on the edge of a balcony on the 4th floor.
      Neighbors and passers-by, terrified by this situation, call the police and firefighters for help. But the situation quickly becomes unmanageable.


    • BLOOD RICE AND TEARS Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 30:00 mins

      Tim is 38 and works as a taxi driver, which gives him enough flexibility to take care of his father who suffers from Alzheimer. Lee, a Chinese student, is 25 and Tim's boyfriend - although he wants more than occasional sex in Tim's taxi. The problem is that the father takes all the attention he can get. So Lee urges Tim to take a decision: it's him or his father, either a relationship or family.

      To make matters worse, Tim's sister Inka accidentally lets the father escape from home. Tim realizes he has to change his attitude if he wants both his father and Lee to stay part of his life.


    • BLOUSE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | INDIA | 19:00 mins

      Shyam a school teacher, loves his wife Roopa. But the newly weds don't get much time with each other as he must live alone in Meja, the village where he teaches. Roopa asks for little except his affection. But when asked, what she'd like as a gift, she asks for a blouse by Meja's Babu Tailor who's famous for the beautiful?cuts & fits of his?blouses. A simple gift, upon reaching,?he realizes that her sample??blouse is lost. Now there's no way of??getting the tailor Roopa's?measurements. On explaining the problem, Babu suggests a risky but clever plan. It involves ogling the village women's bosoms, albeit discreetly. Shyam's reluctant and??scared of getting caught. What will he do? Will Roopa?get her gift?


    • BLUE EYED BOY Nepal Premiere

      2014 | IRAN | 18:00 mins

      A boy with unusual color blindness causes his parents shame when he accidentally kills some village livestock, so his parents seek medical treatment for the boy, and when hospital doctors cannot help, They take him to a local Shaman for a remedy.


    • BORDER PATROL Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 14:43 mins

      Carl, a young eager border cop is anxious to finish work so he can watch the big football match against Austria. Getting annoyed with his partner, Franz (who’s nearing retirement and likes to take his time), his plans are thwarted by the discovery of a suicide victim in the woods just near the Austrian border. The wily Franz realises this an opportunity for a bit of fun with his younger colleague, and sets about instructing him in making the body the Austrians’ problem. It all seems to work out well, except maybe the Austrians have seen this body before.


    • BRUDER Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 28:00 mins

      Lukasz (24) wants to get out of the socially deprived. He longs for social recognition and wants what he misses his life: loyalty.

      As a racket for the Hamburg milieu size 'Milan' he believes to have found all this. While Lukasz 'social advancement begins to take shape, bringing the death of the common parent after years of contact break his little brother Kamil (13) in front of Lukasz' doorstep.



      2014 | GERMANY | 24:00 mins

      Bosteri is a village in the middle of the Kirghiz steppe. There, between wild horses and one of the world’s largest mountain lakes, a Ferris wheel rises up into the sky that only runs for two months of the year.

      An encounter with the people that summer has left behind.


    • SIDDARTHA Nepal Premiere

      2014 | USA /NEPAL | 14:52 mins

      Siddhartha, is story of an aspiring painter who sets on a physical journey to find meaning to his painting. What he discovers in his journey changes his perspective of life and directly influenced his painting.


    • WHALE VALLEY Nepal Premiere

      2013 | DENMARK/ICELAND | 15:00 mins

      The film shows a strong bond between two brothers that live in a remote fjord with their parents. We look into their world through the eyes of the younger brother and follow him on a journey that marks a turning point in the brothers.



      2013 | GERMANY | 10:00 mins

      The indoor garden institution, where people can apply to go on holidays from their everyday life. WE OFFER PONIES, GARDEN GAMES, PRINCESS COSTUMING ETC. FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! PARTY PARTY! YAY PARTY! YAY!


    • CARPE JUGULAR Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 05:17 mins

      The dance floor is a battlefield.


    • EPHEMERAL Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SPAIN | 18 mins

      Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. In the cozy windmill where she lives with her grandmother, she impatienly waits for the moment to go for the long-awaited audition. But out there the world is not as idyllic as she thinks...


    • WATCH Nepal Premiere

      2014 | TAIWAN | 8:00 mins

      People like to collect antiques, however we only possess them for a short amount of time before they are passed on to others. This brings about the question of whether we really are the collectors, or the collected?

      In this film the watch witnesses the history and passage of different generations. Thus the watch not only records the flow of time, but also carries our emotions from past to present.


    • GORILLA DANCE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SPAIN | 15 mins

      Buenos Aires 1977 – Dina is kidnapped during the dictatorship. Her neighbor Maria Carmen is reminiscing the kidnapping 30 years after questioning the assertions of another important testimony of the case.


    • VOCABULARY Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SPAIN | 16 mins

      Xiaoyan and Werner, two characters who no longer expect anything from their lives, begin a friendship that will take them to the depths of themselves with an enthusiasm and innocence that they thought were lost.


    • ICE IS MELTING Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 2:25 mins



    • TROUBLED WATERS Nepal Premiere

      2014 | LEBANON | 25 mins

      Twenty-seven years away, Eskandar comes back. Once in Beirut, he is haunted by his childhood memories, which bounce him between the past and the present. The same experiences that sent him away as a child, lead him back as an adult.


    • IN THE BLIND Nepal Premiere

      2013 | USA | 17:12 MINS

      A duck blind is a place of concealment, but for two estranged brothers brought together by the apparent suicide of their father, too much is revealed.


    • TORN Nepal Premiere

      2014 | AZERHAIJAN | 22 mins

      Two lives, two worlds: a man and a child. A kid who wants to be friends with the neighbouring children. A man who has a date with a woman on a roof. The world of adultsand the world of children. They are related but they are torn.


    • KUSUM Nepal Premiere

      2013 | INDIA | 10:40 mins

      A young transvestite prostitute, Kusum, gears up for a regular night like any other, but just then enters Purab, an out-of-job, obsessive, suicidal English literature teacher without a clue of the local language hoping to spend his last night with a girl! Need less to say, all hell breaks loose as the two struggle to negotiate the night in each other’s presence... Will these two unlikely companions ever manage a connection?


    • THE LANDING Nepal Premiere

      2014 | AUSTRALIA | 17:4 mins

      A man returns to the mid western farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.


    • LEVEL OF CARE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GREMANY | 20 mins

      Ruth cares for her mother Hilde who is suffering from dementia. Both women are broke because the care devours every last cent. Only the approval of the 'level of care 2‘ can still save the two women. But when the case manager from the medical advisory service comes by to evaluate Hilde’s health condition, suddenly the old lady seems not to be sick anymore. Rather Hilde presents herself as a charming, entertaining person with good memory. The new Level of Care is in danger, Ruth is more and more under pressure until she loses her self-control and with that she degrades not only her mother but rather herself.


    • THE GIFT Nepal Premiere

      2014 | CHILE | 7:50 mins

      The story of an ordinary couple, when he gives her a small sphere pulled out his chest, she can't separate herself from her new gift... even after they break up!


    • THE GUNFIGHTER Nepal Premiere

      2014 | USA | 9 mins

      A weary gunfighter walks into a bar, looking for a drink. What he finds instead is a building full of raunchy people, and an audible, bloodthirsty narrator.


    • THE BURNING LAND Nepal Premiere

      2014 | FRANCE | 30 mins

      By the end of the 18 th century in the Corsican's mountain, french troops hunt down the last nationalist's insurrections. A young washerwoman, living with his parents in a isolated house, try to help a wounded man.


    • TAWEEZ Nepal Premiere

      2014 | AFGHANISTAN | 20 mins

      Taweez tells the story of an old, lonesome talisman-writer, who earns his money with prophecy and has already lost the hope for acknowledgement in life, but suddenly finds himself as a messiah as a result of the rumours in the village. Some now even call hin a charlatan. In the little village acknowledgement comes as the face of power and lures the devasteted mullah in.

      While the village can’t decide, on which side to stand, a little boy finds comfort in seeing the mullah as a mentor and believes all of his magic. The prophecies and curses work as a katalysator for the village people to force powers as structures of hierarchy and give the boy new perspectives. In the microcosm of the village they stand for the seeking of finding comfort in rather hardlines ideologies. Their lifes find fullfillment with either take a stand against, or for the mullah.


    • SWEET SEA BREEZE Nepal Premiere

      2013 | GERMANY | 19:25 mins

      Old sea dog Fritz, stranded in the “Ruhrpott” wants to start his final journey to the sea. After the death of his beloved wife Frieda he hadn’t the strength to continue life on his own at the seaside. The solitude and monotonous lifestyle have dulled him and left him weary. He can feel, that he has only little time left and so new courage is awakened inside him. The stubborn old goat contrives a scheme. A part-time community worker is to accompany him. Only he has not reckoned with the brash city boy Lars, who only wants to get through his hours of community service. “Sweet Sea Breeze” tells about desire and passion and that this is inside of everybody, even if they have not the slightest idea of it. Not yet.


    • SKIN DEEP Nepal Premiere

      2014 | INDIA | 19:11 mins

      An excited young couple’s first ‘adventure’ of wanting to make love, fails, when the boy discovers the extra piece of foreskin that causes hindrance in having sex. Fighting the family’s disapproval, the, mad-in love, couple make plans to elope without family’s consent. The girl insists if they could solve the foreskin problem before eloping. The boy plans to undergo circumcision but little do they know what destiny has stored for them.


    • SECONDS Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SPAIN, CUBA, ARGENTINA | 3 mins

      What if you only have a few seconds for the things that matter the most?


    • SALOMEA'S NOSE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | USA | 22:51 mins

      Salomea remembers the day her beloved brothers, Max and Karl, disfigured her and themselves for life. The Day of Tragedy, is what their mother called it, and blamed it on the fate of her children. Though fate and tragedy have a different meaning by the end of her tale. A tragicomedy about sibling rivalry, disfigurement and the pain that binds us.


    • ROADTRIP Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 20 mins

      Julius can't sleep. To get his head empty he decides to go on a roadtrip, but somehow he can't manage to leave. A hand drawn film about failure, insomnia, a red motorbike, pretty bargirls, the desolateness of Berlin (even in summer) and waterproof socks.


    • LOVE FILM Nepal Premiere

      2013 | SOUTH KOREA | 15:35 mins

      Hyun-mo, a college student majoring in film, begins filming his love life with his girlfriend. Their film, which he thought would be beautiful, strikes into another alley.

      HAN Chang-lock


      2014 | CYPRUS | 20 mins

      A woman receives a mysterious phone call; that same night she has trouble sleeping, tormented with thoughts. Early the next day she abandons her house and sets out on a journey to an unknown destination, carrying a kitchen knife in her bag. After driving all day, she parks her car at a remote location and waits for someone… something… in the middle of the night...


    • RICE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | CAMBODIA | 7 mins

      A day in a children’s camp in a rural area during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Five young boys decide to have a ‘party’ with rice they have ‘stolen’ from the camp store, grain by grain day by day. In three months the rice collected is the size of a fist and the boys can’t withstand waiting any longer. They cook the rice at the lakeside taking care not to be seen. But when they see the cooked rice they are mesmerised by the scent and the taste and don’t notice that they are spotted by a Khmer Rouge cadet. As a consequence the camp Commander sends them to be ‘re-educated’ (killed) as an example to the rest of the boys.


    • MORE THAN TWO HOURS Nepal Premiere

      2013 | IRAN | 15 mins

      It’s 3 AM, a boy and a girl are wandering in the city. They are looking for a hospital to cure the girl, but it’s much harder than they thought.


    • NAMES Nepal Premiere

      2013 | SOUTH KOREA | 24:13 mins

      Hyeon-chul just published his first poetry book and is busy, having left his key at his parents’. He makes a stamp, trades a camera, meets his sister, and stops by the publisher’s, but his day isn’t over. The film follows the daily routine and not the story.

      SIN ISU

    • REALITY 2.0 Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY / MEXICO | 11 mins

      It was autumn when I arrived in Germany. I thought that in this exotic country I could distance myself a little bit from Mexico, but I was wrong. Drug traffickers managed to take me back in a ruthless way.

      A short animated documentary about the drug-related violence in Mexico.


    • RE PLACE Nepal Premiere

      2014 | GERMANY | 01:41 mins

      In "REPLACE" we are confronted with a Nature seemingly familiar to us, but only at first glance. Quickly it becomes clear that Nature’s laws have been suspended and strange creatures are inhabiting the Planet. All plants and animals give the impression of pursuing a certain target. Halfway through the film a geometrical shape appears, floating in a clearing like a separate parallel universe.

      Inside a human-like being is evolving whose components condense into a star system. We are flying through this galaxy of stars and at the end of this voyage, we perceive the familiar image of our home planet.


    • ONE MEAL Nepal Premiere

      2014 | SOUTH KOREA | 27:50 mins

      A youngman in his 20s works part-time jobs all day long to support his tuition fee and make a living for his family. He collects wastepaper and compete with an old woman on the same street. Both who are completely different weight classes compete in 'cart racing' with taking and being taken away each other's wastepaper. However, the man's wage is deducted and he got fired. Even he should refund his subsidies for national basic living to the government because he has 'income'.


    • RAFFAEL’S WAY Nepal Premiere

      2013 | ITALY/SPAIN | 25 mins

      Raffel is a 13 years old boy who lives in the suburbs of naples. From 12:00 to 3:30 pm and from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. He sells cigarettes in a street corner with his friend adama. They are rehearsing to play music in the village’s festival. Meanwhila , police and demonstrators have been struggling for days after the mayor’s decision to evict a compound of apartments.


    • PADRE Nepal Premiere

      2013 | ARGENTINA | 12 min

      Argentina 1983. A woman is devoting herself to the care of her sick father, a retired military commander. Her daily routine is set by the ticking of a clock which accompanies all of her tasks. As days go by, the woman withdraws more and more into her own little world, refusing to face reality.


    • TRASH World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 20 mins

      Images and words conscious subconcious and unconscious cry of man, laugh of child
      Rainbow, blackhole
      Realisations, wonder and process
      Full filled and emptiness
      Tree of life
      Always unanswered bit dwelling. .


    • BUTTERLAMP Nepal Premiere

      2013 | CHINA/FRANCE | 16 mins

      World premiered in Cannes Critics' Week 2013, the conceptual experiment BUTTER LAMP is an intriguing investigation on cultural identity issues. Starting from a practice still popular in China, at the border between fiction and documentary, the film witnesses a photo shoot, where a photographer takes family pictures of several Tibetans, including a large nomadic family, against landmark backgrounds: the Great Wall of China, Disneyland, Beijing’s Olympic Stadium, a Hawaiian beach etc. Cleverly exploring the visual relation between foreground and background, BUTTER LAMP gets a significant socio-political charge. It becomes a subtle commentary on the abusive assimilation of Tibetan culture by China and the Western world, the Tibetans being forced to fight from a peripheral position to preserve their identity.

      HU WEI

    • BIRDFATHER Nepal Premiere

      2013 | SOUTH KOREA | 10:5 min

      Every morning, goose daddy wakes up early in his cage and goes to work. At night, he drowns his sorrow in alcohol and falls asleep. One day, something happens to him…

      YOO-RI KIM

    • MULBERRY MADNESS World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL/UK | 12 mins

      Bir writes a long love letter to his mother back home in the village. He writes about how he is coping with the new crazy busy lifestyle and well-being in foreign land. He mentions how dearly he misses home. And finally he thanks her for sending him a jar of dried homegrown mulberries. Signed and sealed. Bir starts eating the mulberries while watching an old hitchcock flick Psycho. As the movie progresses, he starts to hallucinate.


    • AAWAJHIN World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 7 mins

      The character in “Aawajhin” represents Nepalese society. Nepalese people are facing daily life existential crisis. But they don’t raise their voice against it. In fact they are voiceless.


    • CHAME RA THAME World Premiere

      2014 | NEPAL | 13 mins

      The film is set in the rural hillside of Nepal in 1970s. Thame is a day-dreamer blacksmith, starts journey with his father Chame to collect charcoal. He claims his parental property to start an independent life with his pregnant wife.

      The whole film is about the single father-son debate for a very small portion of land where Thame dreams those could be merely fulfilled.


    • STILL Nepal Premiere

      2013 | TAIWAN/NETHERLANDS | 16:42 mins

      William Lü is a graduate of Chapman University’s Dance Department under the direction of Cyrus Parker-Jeannette. While attending university, he studied film production with Gil Bettman (Knight Rider) and Harry Cheney (Dracula) as his mentors.

      William inherited his passion for the cinema from his mother, Hsiao Yao, a renowned Hongkong actress in the 70s. STILL is his first attempt to professionally produced a dance film with the help of his sister, Margaret Wang who is a seasoned actress in Taiwan and China.

      He is currently dancing professionally with the International Dance Theater based in Amsterdam.

      William Lü


    Master classes, panel discussions. This format consists of large public events with topics that are of general relevance to all aspiring filmmakers, professional directors, producers, actors, editors, cinematographers to share their experience in panel discussions also offer the opportunity for a more intimate and interactive exchange of experiences between audience and experts.


    For 2014, Closing Films for EKADESHMA are woman centric and make a bold statement voicing out the womanpower. For the first time we have a 3D film in the closing event.

    • BUTTE JAMA World Premiere

      2014 | Nepal | 15:00 min

      Baisakhi’s, 9-year-old girl, lives with her Grandmother in a poor Eastern Terai Village of Nepal and are having financial troubles. Baishakhi’s only skirt is tattered and she desires to wear a new red flower printed skirt. Will her Grandmother able to fulfill her desire?


    • CALL HER LOTTE ! Nepal Premiere

      2013 | GERMANY | 15:18 mins

      The deep friendship between Maria and her Jewish friend Lea gradually starts to break as Maria’s husband Hans goes from being a young adventurer to a high ranking SS officer. But on that infamous first day of the Jewish deportation in Munich, Maria comes to a momentous decision which proves what friendship really means to her. She takes on Lea’s child Charlotte to save her from being deported to the concentration camp, thereby risking her own life and ultimately losing Hans. Maria’s story shows that, in the end, friendship can triumph over terror and death.




    • General Screening : Rs. 65 per session
    • Book your Ticket at QFX Cinemas
    • Contact : +977-1-4442220, 9841-239505


    The 3rd EKADESHMA proud to announce this year's Jurors for the Changing Perspective and Future of Nepali Cinema section featuring Gauri Malla, Sujan Chitrakar and Pooja Gurung.

    Gaui MallaBorn in Kathmandu, Gauri Malla, acting career started in 1986 as a lead actress in SANTAN produced by Royal Nepal Film Development Corporation. Since then through her 28 years of tenure she has done more than 57 films and TV series and won more than 15 major awards. With her hard work and talent she is one of the acclaimed and legendary actresses in Nepali cinema fraternity.

    Sujan ChitrakarSujan Chitrakar is a Kathmandu based visual artist. He is an assistant professor and the head of center for art and design at Kathmandu University. He is also a recipient of Fulbright senior scholar award 2013-14 for an artistic research project at mural arts program of Philadelphia. He facilitated Kathmandu International Art Festival – earth | body | mind in 2012 as a creative and logistic consultant and has also co-curate its first edition – “separating myths from the reality” in 2009. He has several participations in international group exhibitions.

    Pooja GurungPooja Gurung was born in Darjeeling, India in 1983. Starting her career as a Television Producer, Pooja now works as a part of the duo that has produced short films like Changa and The Contagious Apparitions of Dambarey Dendrite. The latter of which had a considerably good run in the International Festival circuit. Currently, she's working in the development of the duo's debut feature film.


    The Changing Perspective section is focused on identifying and searching for formats with strong in depth imaginative short narratives. This award is presented to the best short film, as judged by this year's Jurors. The Future of Nepali Cinema celebrates films that push the boundaries of the art form. The winner of this award will be honored and are expected to play major role in the future of Nepali cinema. The Audience Choice Award where audiences share their opinions with us after our shorts screenings, and cast their votes for their festival favorite.


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